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Spring Water Dispenser

Help holidaymakers, visitors and residents use less plastic by installing
a spring water dispenser in your holiday let.

Yawl Spring Still Water 250ml

11.5 Litre Spring Water Dispenser £5 each

Installing one of our water dispensers makes drinking quality local Spring water cheaper than buying bottled water in the Lyme Regis resort. It also helps holiday makers reduce their plastic footprint by reducing their need for plastic bottles. Just refill your bottle from the dispenser before you go out.

Dispenser Details

  • Delivery is free to Lyme Regis and the surrounding areas within a 10 mile radius. Please get in touch if you are further afield.
  • The dispenser is an electric rechargable water pump that sits ontop of a water cooler bottle.
  • The pump is free with your first water bottle purchase which is £5.


Spring Water Orders

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